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Donut backpack from Zoy Zoii. Features space and a space ship on the surface. Sold by Haru Hana Little Ones Boutique Australia.
Zoy Zoii battle ship space donut backpack. Little boys backpack with light weighted and comfortable carrying. Sold by Haru Hana Little Ones Boutique Australia.
Boys backpack from Zoy Zoii. Space ship with space print on the backpack. Sold by Haru Hana Little Ones Boutique.
Space Battleship Donut Backpack

Space Battleship Donut Backpack

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  • This unique and eye-catching backpack may make your kid a little superstar at school or kindergarten.
  • Featuring a donut shaped with a spaceship and space design on the backpack.
  • It is light in weight and comfortable to carry with soft mesh cushioning back support.
  • Internal compartment for easy organisation and storage.
  • Clip-on chest belt to secure carrying of backpack.

Material: Glitter leather, EVA, Polyester fiber

Size: 27.7 x 12.6 cm

Weight: 490g