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Mother-K PPSU Feeding Bottle 280ml - RED
Mother-K PPSU Feeding Bottle 280ml - RED

Mother-K PPSU Feeding Bottle 280ml - RED

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Mother-K Feeding Bottle provides a customized feeding solution with a step by step teat system to enable weaning away from breastfeeding at different ages to suit your parenting lifestyle.

Mother-K "3-6-9" series PPSU Feeding Bottle is uniquely designed for your little ones growth. When your little ones grow older, you can change the teat to a larger size. And later, when your little ones can hold the bottle, a spout and handle can be added. At the later stage, this feeding bottle can be converted to a straw bottle by changing the straw & spout.

- BPA Free
- Made from PPSU material which is used in medical devices
- Lightweight and strong against impact
- Can be disinfected with boiling water
- Back flow prevention
- Simple structure and easy to wash
- This feeding bottle does NOT include teat

Note: Health professionals recommend plastic bottles be changed every 6 months.

Size: 280mL

- Bottle: PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) heat resistance to 200°C
- Cap/Screw: PP

Made in Korea