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How to Keep your Baby Clean and Happy

Haru Hana will be at the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo Booth A37 on 15th and 16th October at MCEC, South Wharf displaying a range of baby products to keep your baby clean and happy!

See Haru Hana at Stand A37, PBC Expo on October 15 and 16 MCEC South Wharf Melbourne

Babies find a lot of joy in getting messy and they also like their mini creature comforts! So how do we keep our babies clean and happy? We've had so many interesting conversations with new parents over the years. We have their concerns on our minds whenever we look for the best products for them and their babies. 

Here are some of their questions that you may relate to. 

  1. My baby resists baths! What should I do?

First of all, it's not essential to give babies a full bath every day. Their skin is still very sensitive so make sure you are not over washing your baby! Two to three times a week is sufficient. Wiping with warm water and then drying them with a towel is enough. When drying babies, make sure you dry them completely, especially in the armpit or groin area where there are creases. 

If your baby doesn't like getting into the water very much, there may be a variety of reasons why. To start with, make sure the temperature of the water is warm enough. Babies tend to get cold easily. Some people like to steam up the bathroom first so it's all fluffy and cosy when it's time to get into the water. How you hold your baby can transmit a feeling of security.  Rest the baby's head on your arm and place your palm under the baby's bottom. Place your other hand securely on her. Slide the baby in feet first gently. That way, your baby knows you're here and there's nothing to be afraid of. 

Sing a song, or bring in little toys to make bath time a fun time for both you and baby, as opposed to just another chore to get out of the way. And remember, your baby is always going to be your biggest fan, so if you're a new mum or dad and shy about singing, don't worry. You're not on X-Factor and there are no nasty judges. YOUR baby will love it simply because it's YOUR voice! 

  1. Can I use wet wipes on my newborn? 

We have to admit that wet wipes are wonderfully convenient to have just about everywhere - at home, in the car, at the park etc. Bear in mind that babies have very sensitive skin, so it's best to wait until at least a month for newborns, and even then, read the ingredients on the wet wipes. Some of these may trigger an allergic reaction. Make sure they are alcohol-free and unscented. If the skin looks red after using the wet wipes, it may be an allergic reaction. When you cannot use wet wipes, simple warm water and a clean cloth is enough to do the trick. 

K-Mom has wet wipes that you'd want to even use for yourself! They are made of thick fabric with macadamia seed oil to moisturise the skin. They are dermatologically tested and contain purified water. 

  1. How should I clean baby feeding utensils?

Wash the feeding bottles with hot, soapy water immediately after every feed. It is recommended to disinfect the bottle after each use to ensure no germs stick around. Make sure you leave the bottles to dry completely after washing. 

We have been looking around for the best drying racks for baby's bottles and our favourite has to be TGM's Bottle Drying Rack. It is BPA free and has an optimal angle designed to prevent water from remaining in the bottle. Each part can be easily removed for cleaning and when the baby grows up you can re-use the rack for your big boy or big girl cups! 

  1. Mealtimes are a mess and my baby is frustrated! How do I help him?

When babies start wanting to feed themselves, it's a proud moment… and yes, a very messy phase! There are ways to help make the process easier (and more fun!) for them. 

From about 9-12 months, babies will start to grab food and put it into their mouths. They may even try to steal your spoon! The typical spoon we use as adults are not really appropriate for babies. Too heavy, too big, too long… and honestly, very boring! Baby feeding spoons and forks are specially designed with baby in mind. 

TGM's Spoon and Fork sets have a non-slip silicone handle which makes it easier to grip, and are the right thickness for little fingers to grasp. It contains antibacterial material. The shape has also been specially designed to make the action of scooping easier for little hands. 

Let babies practise as much as they like. You can put some food on the spoon for the baby so they can simply focus on balancing the spoon and transporting it into their mouths. Practise with foods that are easier to manage such as yoghurt or oatmeal. 

You're going to have bits of food splattered all over, so have some dry tissues and wet wipes ready on standby. And perhaps remember not to wear your most expensive dress at mealtimes! 

  1. I find the idea of trimming my baby's nails terrifying! What if I cut her?

This is definitely one of the most squeamish tasks new parents balk at. A surprising thing parents learn is that the best time or way to do it is when your baby is sleeping! Yes, it's true! And it's not as scary as it sounds. Your cat may claw you if you attempt to trim her nails but a baby is not dangerous in that way! 

It is healthy to trim their nails because when they get long, babies can scratch and hurt themselves. Long nails are not hygienic either. The good thing is, baby nails are softer and more pliable than ours so it's easier to manage. 

You're going to need special baby clippers. They cannot use our adult nail clippers. While baby is sleeping, hold the finger, press the fingertip pad down and away from the nail. Follow the natural curve and cut. Don't go too low. For toes, cut it straight across. It's a good idea to always have your baby clippers handy in your baby bag so you can do it any time you catch baby sleeping! 


Babies do need a whole new set of 'equipment' just for them so it's a whole new world to learn about! We are passionate about this and are always on the lookout for products that can help make this beautiful phase of parenting and babyhood an enjoyable one. 

Babies are often happy when their basic needs are met, and the rest is really lots of attuning with the people around them in a safe, loving environment. Remember that your babies are also encouraging you on your parenting journey whenever they give you that sunny smile and spontaneous laughter! Happy parenting! 

See you at the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo Booth A37 on 15th and 16th October, MCEC South Wharf.

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